Connecting People and Nature

As we know the earth is diminishing day by day.

Is this our obligation as humans? Can we fix it? Do YOU want to fix it?

Growing up I’ve always noticed the sad fact that my home is withering away in front of my eyes. We as humans use earth as our home, and  would you let your house wither away into nothing? I don’t think so, I hope… I grew up on Conservation land with my grandparents and family so I believe I’ve had first hand experience. Being able to see pastures clean of pollution, animals that are on their way to extinction protected, even down to little things such as the little noises I would hear in the morning, the peacefulness, is what we need to bring the earth back too.

I remember sitting at my grandmother’s kitchen table for hours listening to stories about my grandfather’s connection to nature. I was mesmerized, that glimmer of hope in my 8 year old eyes was clear. These stories even lead me to pursue a life in saving the earth. On that note, I even went as far in declaring a major in Animal Behavior at my University to understand this whole situation better.

Working with animals ranging from small rodents to exotic zoo animals really opened my eyes to what really needs to happen. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for animals, they provide endless sources for us humans. Not a lot of people think through the whole situation, animals’ lives are ripped apart. This can be in forms of being ripped from their families, their homes demolished, inhuman treatment, etc.

We consider ourselves to be the best of the best, the apex predators. When in reality animals were here first!

Something that I found to be super important was found over on World Animal Protection, the blog author describes how animals are so similar to humans in the article “Empathy, Memory and Dreams: 11 Facts about chickens’ ‘ . The author really sheds light into the topic about how even chickens are able to feel the empathy, memory, and shared dreams humans might have. In other words, killing these chickens inhumanely is like killing another human.

The author described:

1.) Chickens can recognize up to 100 faces

2.) Chickens dream!

3.)Chickens pass down information

4.)Chickens chirp to their eggs

5.)Chickens are Hierarchical

6.)Chickens use past experiences to make decisions

7.)Chicken emphasizes with peers

8.)Chickens have great memories

9.)Chickens suffer immensely by the hands of humans

In the end, this has opened my eyes even more to the situation at hand when it comes to animals and I hope it has your too. We can now see that we are more alike to animals than you might believe!