DS106- Meme 1

Image from “Avatar The Last Airbender”

Growing up I would say that I watched this show about 23423453 time. I never could get enough of it. Even though Sokka wasn’t my favorite character he still held a certain space in my heart. The reason why I respect Sokka as a character is because in the show he is one of the only ones who doesn’t acquire bending skills. He is known for using his handy boomerang, and still is able to accomplish all that the others that had bending was able to do. Thats why I believe he is an understimated character , even though he wasn’t a fully developed character.

Even through the pandemic I decided to go back and watch the show over a couple more times through, and It never disappoints. I eventually watched the series of this show where there is a new avatar and the old characters are grown with children. I wasn’t mad about the new series but I don’t think it would replace the love that I have for the original series. The reason I think I love this show so much is because I’m able to see my self in some sort in all the characters!

Over quarantine I even went as far as making jewelry for my friends who also shared love for this show. I made all my friends necklaces to resemble what tribe they see them selfs being a part of, and personally I see my self being a part of the water tribe.


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