Codecademy Reflection

My completed courses from Codecademy

Before I start reflecting on this experience I just wanted to note how out of the box this assignment was for my self, it blew my mind, but in a good way! Ive never even came close to learning something like this, I never really even knew what coding was till then. I always though coding wasn’t all that really besides what you see in movies, but I was wrong. I have a strong respect for those who have a career in this type of field or do it just for fun. One thing I really enjoyed about this assignment was that yes it was a lot of work but its nice because you could see your hard work paying off as you went along. It gave me that motivation I needed and even grew my interest in doing these types of things.

Ive learned a lot through completing this little online course. Even though it was smaller it still provided a lot of information. I didn’t just learn how to code I obtained other skills through it as well. I built my skills in logic, problem solving, and even creativity. I showed me that yes theres a specific way to code but it doesn’t stunt creativity it opens may doors. Outside just learning coding it applies to not only this current class but it works for future employers as well. Yes, it looks good on resumes that you know how to preform things such as CSS and HTML but you’ll be able to use these skills like logic and problem solving in your workplace.


I did some research on coding and how this can be used to its full potential and I came across this website, which provides a interesting view on coding and the future.

Id reccomend taking a look!

“Think of something you have done via a computer or smartphone recently– sending an email, taking a selfie on your phone or booking a Grab car – all these applications are made with code! Basically, without codes, computers and technology would become redundant because coding tells the computer what to do, it is a programming language – the language of the modern world.”

Archana Patrick

In the article the author gave some advice on how important coding is but also why coding is a skill which is regarded as futureproof and could benefit just about anyone.  They said:

  • Learn to code or “get coded”
  • Encourages thinking and problem solving skill sets
  • Builds confidence and adaptability
  • Increases innovative and collaborative skills
  • Helps with alternate career options