Learning Outcome #1

Objective 1: Demonstrate the ability to approach writing as a recursive process that requires substantial revision of drafts for content, organization, and clarity (global revision), as well as editing and proofreading (local revision).

Throughout my freshman year of english class it has allowed me to learn that there isn’t a certain way to do things when It comes to writing. I have learned that writing comes with many steps and one of the most important steps is the revision process. Before coming to college writing to me was just as simple as gathering ideas, writing the essay and occasionally having someone read over my writing once. It’s crazy to me that I thought that was efficient and led my work to be finalized so fast. Now that my eyes have opened to the multiple steps , including reading, outlines, rough drafts, and detailed peer comments form both classmates and my professor. It has allowed me to improve on my writing and given me the chance to be more of an efficient writer.

When writing my first draft I found that I lacked a lot of my own opinions and voice as well as connection between the authors we were provided. So after learning deeper into the writing processes for future essays I worked on adding my own opinions and voice more and more throughout the essay, rather than having the essay be so author and quote heavy. An example from an essay I did this year where I added my own personal voice was in my final essay as seen in Figure 1. Through each essay I wrote for this class I started to utilize more and more tools provided to me to revise my essays because I noticed I became more comfortable applying them. When looking at my first or second essay in comparison to my final essay there are some noticeable differences, and I believe you can see the self confidence grow greater in each essay. Coming from a High School that did not assign much essays and not having much practice with them it stunted my writing abilities greatly, but now I can say after passing in my final essay that I have grown as a writer from doing 1 essay every 6 months to now being able to write an efficient professional essay when given. The part of revision that I focused most on during my final essay was working on strengthening the connection between authors when I put text into conversation with each other, which I even struggled with at the beginning this year. An example where I was able to portray a strong connection between authors was in my final essay as seen in Figures 2 and 3.

FIGURE 1: “History put into Perspective”
FIGURE 2: “History put into Perspective”
FIGURE 3: “History put into Perspective”

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