DS106 #tdc3426

Hmm… What the shirt says!

I think this is what I would put on a shirt if I had to describe my current feelings. Now, yes of course I know I’m 20 years old and not elderly but let me tell you I feel as if that was true. Recently, Ive been working a lot and moving here to here keeping really busy and you would think oh I’m 20 my body can handle it. Boy was I wrong.

I always tell people that I have a mind of a 20 year old and the body of a 80 year old. Ill explain a little more because people usually are confused or even concerned. With my busy lifestyle I noticed my body has just been not what it used to be, achey. It has even came to the point where lifting a box has became a chore. I think it also have came to the point where I’m going to bed the same time my grandparents have, but im not complaining!

My grandparents even just the other day pointed it out, because they are starting to become younger then I feel. Strait from their mouth “Grumpy Old Man”.