DS106 Home Video GIF

The purpose of this assignment was to provide an “at home video”. I went through all my videos that I have on my phone and I wasn’t finding the right video that felt like a good “at home video”. Until I found this video of me and one of my close friends Lauren.

As you can see in the GIF this was taken at the University of New England during summer! This video felt like a at home video to me over any of the other videos I have, I feel most at home here. Our happy dancing on this early morning was because we both were OLs (orientation leaders) for the incoming first years here at UNE. As most of us probably have experienced, an outgoing maybe a little to much for this time of day OL, its in our blood to provide the best experience for the newest members of the family!

Now, no one said that I have the greatest moves in the world but I sure do take pride wearing that uniform. If that means making my self look foolish infant of many people then so be it! I regret nothing!

Home isn’t always where you live 24/7, a lot of the time its somewhere you actually not at often. In this case, this is what I feel.