Connecting People and Nature #3

Something New

Ive talked about animal cruelty, conservation, and even touch upon being vegan/vegetarian. Today I wanted to to my blog in a different direction. I want to talk about pets!

We all love having the radiant love of a pets, the cuddles the energy all of it. Not a lot of people knows what actually goes into todays pet adoption. Don’t get my wrong people who breed dogs have many reasons for doing so, but is it always right? Personally, adopting puppies or cats from rescue centers is the way to go. You don’t only obtain a love filled animal you also save that animal from certain death.

I guess I can call my self a hypocrite because the dog I currently have is from a breeder. I was young when my parents bought the dog for the family, I obviously wasn’t thinking about all the behind the scene at such a young age. All I remember was that cassius (my boxer) was a VERY expensive puppy, I was so confused on why. Later on, I found out it was because his parents where award winning show dogs. Which has been the funniest part to my whole family because he is the dopiest dog you’d ever meet!

This is Cassius in his favorite boat hat!
Pros for rescuing your animals!
  • You break the cycle of over adoption
  • You save a life!
  • You help stop cruelty in mass breeding facilities
  • Theres a great selection of lovable animals
  • You help support a valuable charity as well as support
  • You pay less
  • You encourage multiple others to rescue!
abuse we see in these situations
  • These animals see no sunlight
  • They have no where to run or move
  • Most of these animals are kept in cramped cages 95% of the time with other animals
  • If they make a noise a lot of people will kick or hit them to make them quiet
  • They will over breed and use these animals to make them have as many babies as possible to make the most profit
  • They breed these animals to young
  • Once these animals ant able to produce they are then killed because they are seen as “un useful” or “irrelevant”
  • Inbreeding is a huge problem, causing genetic mutations
  • They will cut costs by giving less food, water, and essential needs for these animals
  • ect.