DS106 Meme #2

Where to start….

Well for starters I decided to go the route of talking about nature because thats what most of my life is about! Some might even go as far as calling me a earth loving hippie.

I chose this quote because I have related to it my whole life. It just makes so much sense, It even allows the mind to wander free and make you own connections with what its saying. Personally, this quote means if you give enough time and love to nature it returns the favor. Growing up and even still to this day most of my time is spent with nature, I feel like the most me when doing so. Theres no judgment, no fear, nothing but blissful peace and radiating love. It gives me the chance to ask question, sort things out, and release. Some might call me crazy but I even feel natures presence while doing so. I can feel it talking back. One touch of a leaf, the smell of a specific bark, and even the wetness of the dirt “Speaks a thousand words”.

It all started when I was an infant my nana took me into the ocean at 3 am and surrounded my with moonlight and dark blue waters. I know right who am I Stevie Nicks? I held this story dear to my heart though because it where my love and connection with nature started. It has allowed my journey to grow with finding my true self and build that bond with nature that I always wanted.

Nature has always been there for me, never let me down, never disappointed me. I knew It always had my back when I needed it the most. So, If I had to leave you with one thing Id say trying giving nature a chance it might surprise you, it might sound silly but its a feeling like no other.