DS106 Comic Book Effect

Okay , I will not lie this might not be what the assignment was asking for but this is how I interpreted it.

We were asked to play around with a comic book effect when editing a picture. Now, I sort of wanted to take a picture and make it a character rather then just throwing a random filter over a random picture. I decided to chose my current dog Cassius. He is definitely a form of a comic.

Cassius comes from a very highly known family that breeds dogs. His parents are award winning show dogs all over the United States. When we got him the owners asked us if we would be showing him, we said no because we ant the type of people who do that. Good thing we didn’t though because he is the goofiest, some might saying a little stupid, dog I think I have ever owned… he wouldn’t of made it very far in that game anyway.

I always say that he could be a Scooby Doo in another life. He has the personality, the stupidity the fit the character perfect. I feel as though are relationship is like Shaggy and Scooby we both might have a couple screws loose but thats what makes it interesting! I don’t know who would want to write a comic about us but I swear we could make some people laugh.. or we like to think we would:)