Connecting People and Nature #9

So Whats Out There Besides Me?

Ive done a bunch of research through out this whole process of creating a blog, and during that research Ive came across so many other bloggers who share the same love. A lot of people would think “Oh why would you give other bloggers the lime light, don’t you want your stuff to be seen?” and honestly I just think that selfish. Not only is it selfish for me to gate keep but there so many different sides of stories and other things to hear. I dont know everything, no one does, so it gives my audience a chance to go out and obtain the knowledge they need to hopefully make this earth better day by day!


The first blog that I found that really caught my eye was World Animal Protection. The reason I say this is because this blog website provides numerous blog post about so many different topics within the animal field. Its really nice to see other people taking action in such drastic ways to save todays world.

You are the change animals need today

Some insight on the important topics that this blog discusses includes :

  1. How the documentary Blackfish negatively impacted the marine park Sea World
  2. If travel is about freedom, why does Expedia group continue to profit from the captivity of dolphins?
  3. Dolphins in captivity endure seven stages of suffering in their tragic lives
  4. Empathy, memory, and dreams: 11 facts about chickens (which I even refferenced and talked about in one of my oast blogs!)
  5. and so many more!!!


The next blog site that I came across while looking for information is this really interesting blog from World Animal News. World Animal News brings you the latest breaking news in animal welfare from around the globe. This blog website even has 6+ blogs being posted a week to really give you all you need to know! The reason I enjoyed this blog site so much is becuase it obviously provides you with pages of great infromation on animals, but it aslo provides great articles on human health, celeberties and how to mix in with all of this, and even rallies! Its feels like social media which gives it that modern feel which I enjoyed alot.

World Animal News

Another amazing aspect of this website is that World Animal News is partnered with and sponsored by so many other companies. I was even surprised with how much was being shared between these well known companies.

Some of the partners/ sponsors include:

  • Jane Unchained News Network Videos for the Voiceless
  • Gentle Giants Non-Profit
  • SCIL (Social Compassion in Legislation)
  • The Animal Rescue Mission
  • International Anti-Pouching Foundation
  • Angels for Animals
  • Trunks Up
  • Wildlife SOS
  • The Little Angels Project
  • and so much more!


More recently Ive came across this newer blog website. Its a little smaller then both the other blog sites I was talking about and its not really as well developed. On that note, even so I thought it provided amazing blog post and even has fun interactive live video feeds on the animals! The blog site is called the Cincinnati Zoo Blog. It provides blogs on various topics and you can even narrow down the blog post by secies as wel which I found to be very useful. Its really cool to see a site dedicated to creating adventure, conveying knowledge, conserving nature, AND serving the community.

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