Learning Outcome #2

Outcome 2: Be able to integrate their ideas with others using summary, paraphrase, quotation, analysis, and synthesis of relevant sources.

When it comes to text engagement I believe that it plays many roles in making your writing stronger. The roles text engagements play in writing can be something as small as bringing up an idea or transition to something as big as taking multiple authors and connecting them. When I first came into this english class I didn’t really know how to write correctly as some might say, my highschool wasn’t very essay based. So when I had to connect two authors and put them into conversation with each other it wasn’t the easiest for me, and as seen in my first essay it wasn’t the best. I then started to learn how to correctly put authors’ ideas and concepts into one claim and connect them both by adding quotes and unpacking them to prove the connection. This process for me usually was finding a claim from both authors that stood out to me that relates to what i’m writing about and then I would brainstorm on how these two quotes play their way into the topic, once I established that I would set them up into a barclay paragraph and explain. Or even if the topics didn’t connect, they complicated each other. I would do the same. In my first  essay I portrayed a good use of the authors ideas and evidence and pushed it further then what the author once said, sort of like complicating it but still making the connection, as seen in Figure 1. I wanted to look into my second essay and see what I gave in there, and I found a good section where I took the authors ideas and evidence and then incorporated myself into that conversation, as seen in FIgure 2.

Throughout this English 110 class we worked a lot with summaries and paraphrases when doing are essays. I tended not to use these techniques in my work before this class, only because I didn’t know much about how to use them. My work was most to quote heavy and didn’t look professional, after learning how to use these techniques correctly it allows my work to have correct citations as well as giving my work more of a professional look. I wanted to provide a section of my essay that shows where I have learned and noticed that I could provide a summary or a paraphrase in the introduction rather then being vague, as seen in Figure 3.

FIGURE 1: “Todays Social Media Influences on Human Relationships”
FIGURE 2: “Empathy, Perception, and the Power of Thought”
FIGURE 3: “Today Social Media Influences on Human Relationships”

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