DS106 Animated GIF

This assignment was really interesting. The reason I say that is because I don’t think I have ever created my own GIF, never mind from just pictures. Ive spent a fair share of time scrolling through many GIFs but it was really cool to create my own.

Well this is me during my gymnastics practice for the UNE gymnastics team. Tumbling has always been my favorite part of gymnastics, I think its because you have the ability to be creative on floor. Ive done gymnastics for about 16 years of my life, competing all around the United States to achieve national titles. I mean I was just playing around in this video but its really something I love. I started off doing gymnastics at 3 competing for the mens team all the way up untill highschool. Highschool is where I then switched ower to coeed gymnastics and have been competing that ever since.

I got to say this assignment through me some curve balls, its definitely is harder then it looks. The way I created this GIF is by screenshotting MANY pictures from a video and throwing them all together to make a seamless, almost video like look from just those pictures.

Anyways, enjoy my very messy form and grunts from my body getting back into things LOL!