Connecting People and Nature #5

Happy news!

On my blog Ive talked about a lot of issues that have been going on in the world in regards to animals and or the earth. Ive noticed all my blogs have been informative but the tend to get pretty depressing…and that not what I always want!

So, today I decided to take a new path and bring more positivity and news into my blog!

Todays topic is based on conservation and hows its leading to the protection of biodiversity, endangered animals, and even decrease of climate change.

So Whats Happening?!

Goverment Standpoint
  • Our current President Joe Biden (not to get political) has signed an executive order on taking the climate crisis. There hasn’t been any reports on how exactly the government is going to reach this target but its a start! It was reported that to start administration will work with local and tribal governments to create more parks, expand fish and wildlife habitats, boost outdoor recreation and create incentives for fishers, farmers and forest owners to voluntarily conserve some of their land. This is one hell of a start compared to other plans that have feel through with past government officials. Climate and environmental advocates say preserving 30 percent of U.S. lands and waters is critical for protecting biodiversity and endangered species, and will also help fight climate change, because healthy wildlands and oceans sequester carbon dioxide that’s released through human activity.

“As the country works to recover and rebuild from the coronavirus pandemic and fully address the climate crisis, now is the time to develop and pursue a locally led, nationally scaled effort to conserve, connect, and restore the lands, waters, and wildlife upon which we all depend”

– Unknown Reporter


Today adults and even children are taking the problem at hand and going about it their own way. Personally, I think the government isn’t doing what its sops to when it comes to this topic, but its nice to see a start. On that note, a start isn’t a fix. Kids and adults are getting to gather at protest, making videos, doing whatever they can to get information out. A lot of the time are efforts will go unnoticed but that doesn’t mean it won’t change anything. As everyone always says “A little goes a long way”. Thats the great thing about this up and coming social media app called TIKTOK. It allows people of all ages to be creative and post videos. In this case, people are using these 30 second videos to stand up for whats right and shed light on these issues that are occurring. Its nice to be able to see that so many young adults have a platform like this to stick it to the man and make a change!

7 Tips for Becoming An Effective Protestor

1.) Know your rights

2.) Realize when you are on the wrong side of the law

3.) Have a backup plan

4.) Be respectful

5.) Come prepared with supplies

6.) Find fellow activist on social media

7.) Channel the momentum

For a more in-depth decription of each tip head over to this website!
Sophia Smith (C) of Oakland chants with a crowd of protesters, in Oakland, Calif., Dec. 4, 2014.Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images