DS106 “The Forest Gump Project”

Okay before you say anything yes, yes I do know this might be the worst editing job ever but It was SO hard. My picture blending skills obviously has some room for improvment. I gave it the most effort and this is what It looks like… like come on its not even that bad?!

For this assignment, we we required to photo shop ourselves into a historic picture. I was doing some surfing on the web and came across this picture. This would SO have been me no joke. Obviously, the original image is the town punishing someone for a unknown crime. Like they always would do back then, making it public I mean, and yeah what was with everyone wanting to kill everyone in terrible ways back then? This would of been me because I take after my parents I am very loud and won’t take much from people. On that note, I would be the person being killed for most likely just for putting my nose where it shouldn’t be.

Hey, atleast I’m going out with a rocking body, like look at me.