About Me

Hello! My name is Cameron Capachietti and I attend the University Of New England here in Biddeford Maine. At UNE I major in Animal Behavior while double minoring in Health Law and Policy as well as Writing.

I grew up taking care of animals and still to this day my main goal is to provide the best care possible for animals. I have worked with a variety of animals from little rodents all the way up to exotic large animals. I believe my experiences with animals are what made me who I am today.

I attended a Technical and Agricultural High School, at this school I graduate with a license in Cosmetology as well as Barbering while also completing my academics. I got the chance to also work for the school taking care of the 600+ animals that resided on the campus.

Looking into my future, I hope to attend Law School after undergrad. I would love to work in law that has to do with animal rights/ environmental law but also be able to focus in helping out foster children under law.