Learning Outcome #4

Outcome 4: Be able to critique their own and others’ work by emphasizing global revision early in the writing process and local revision later in the process.

When It comes to writing and finalizing an essay the last step before final touches is peer reviews, and this can be from fellow classmates and even your Professor. In my opinion peer review is the most helpful part of my writing journey, it allows me to make the corrections that I don’t normally see myself at first as well as allowing my writing to grow. Peer review allows my writing to grow because by reading what my fellow classmates and Professor has written allows me to see new perspectives and what I’ve written and gives me a chance to expand my claims and ideas. What I like most about peer editing is that it’s not just about fixing and correcting others’ work but it also gives you a chance to support and give positive feedback on sections you believe work. We have done a lot of work with peer review in English 110, with multiple classmates, sometimes even two classmates would incorporate their comments.

When I first started to learn how to peer review it was as simple as correcting grammatical errors but then I have learned over time that it’s so much more. It has allowed me to see that peer reviews is a tool not only to help you but use for support, ideas, extensions, and so much more. When I was peer reviewing for our final essay in English 110, I made sure I provided quality feedback on their work to make sure they were able to clearly see what needed to be fixed or what’s good. In this specific essay I gave feedback alot on where there was room for extensions, as well as places where I believed what they provided was good. During the process of peer reviewing their essay I used certain symbols that mean different things allowing it to be clear and organized, these symbols included “?” for parts where I had questions as well as using “+” to places where I could see some xpantion on the ideas. In the end, I believe the most important peer review you can recieve is the evaluation of your thesis, this allows the reader and the author to understand what the whole essay is based on , so in that case helpful advice on how to make a thesis more clear is always good.

FIGURE 1: “Jasmine Manteiga 3rd Essay”
FIGURE 2:Jasmine Manteiga 3rd Essay”
FIGURE 3: ” Jasmine Manteiga 3rd Essay”

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