Calm Down Video

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This video was designed for when I feel like I’m slightly going insane when it comes to stressful situations. I tend to get really worked up in stressful situations such as interviews, new places, or when I’m just overall lost in the moment. I feel like I know my self in a way no one else does so thats why I feel as this will help me in the long run. The quotes from friends and family and the pictures that Ive taken over the years will take these out of control emotions and rope them back in. Reminding my self that the earth is beautiful and that it is always there when you need it 🙂

Youtube Link:

Most of the Media/ Quotes are mine but here is what isn’t!

Pre-video Brainstorming:

Thinking about the video we are making for class, I believe that the calm down topic is what suits me more as a person. I tend to be a very outgoing positive person normally, I struggle with toning myself down and remembering to calm down in stressful situations. What I was thinking for my video is to open the video with some of my favorite music to remind myself that everything is good. I’m thinking of adding a few of my favorite current songs to the video that I know makes me feel good after listening to. Going off that, starting with one of my favorite quotes is a good place to start, so I can really see where I’m going with this. From there, I feel like adding a bunch of my favorite things/places added after is going to get me to breathe. I’m going to be adding multiple nature oriented pictures because that’s where I feel most at home and comfortable, sort of like a childhood sensation. I don’t want my calm down video to be a bunch of different quotes because im not really a quote person, so in that case I think I might ask my closest family and friends to give me one piece of advice/ words of wisdom they think will help me in the long run. All my friends and family relate me to the earthy crunchy hippie who takes life as it comes, so I think i’m going to take it in that direction. Personally for this calm down video, I want to build it up rather than just have it flatline the whole video. I could do this maybe by starting small and building up to bigger advice/bigger places, I believe in the end it will give my video to myself that confidence boost I might need in these stressful situations.

The videos and pictures I have been thinking about adding into my video, is mostly landscape oriented. I’m an earth lover to the core so being able to see scenery of flower fields, mountains, state parks, animals enjoying their environment is where I want to take this. I’m also going to be adding a few pictures of me with family/friends in these nature spots that I’ve grown to love over the years. I like the thought of seeing a laid out version of a short memory lane.