Connecting People and Nature #6

ARE you keeping your pets happy?

We all know that Pets are a big commitment , but they don’t always have to be if you stay up on whats current!

Ive talked about Pets and the benefits of adopting animals from rescue agencies rather then from a breeder. Im not saying either one is always a negative but you have to know the cost and benefits of both. So, if you haven’t went through that post maybe take a second and get some information before reading this one!

Today, we will go over pet products and how to keep your pet happy and healthy. Some might say “happy wife/husband equals happy household” but in this case I believe it to be “happy pet, happy household”.

The Best New Tech For Dog Owners 2021

“Spoil your pooch with a dog food delivery service, subscription box, DNA test, and more”

– Elyse Betters Picaro 

Now, before I dive in I’m not saying these products are the best of the best and Im not pushing these products on pet owners. These are just some cool and fun products that have been tested to be great so I thought Id pass on the information!

  • Best dog food delivery service (Spot and Tango)
  • Best dog subscription service for toys and treats (BarkBox)
  • Best camera with treat dispenser (Petcube Bites 2)
  • Best GPS dog tracker (Whistle Go)
  • Best virtual fence for dogs (SpotOn)
  • Best dog bath and grooming system (Bissel BarkBath)
  • And so many more!

These products art for everyone and thats totally understandable! Some might be a nessecity and some might just be for spoiling your little critters. For more in depth detail about each product listed and 30+ more products head over to the website.

Spot and Tango Food Service for Dogs!

5 Things To Know About Pet First-Aid

This varries depending on the type of pet you own but here are some helpful tips about taking care of you furry friend.

1.) Broken Bones: Do NOT try to reset a fracture yourself, Do NOT use an antiseptic or ointments on open fractures, and always take you pet to the vet immediately

2.)Poisoning: Consumption of the poisonous product will lead to certain illness thus in order to reduce the side-effects immediately try to induce vomiting in your pet. Afterwards, collect anything that your pet has vomited or chewed, wrap it in a plastic bag, and bring it to the veterinarian’s office.

3.)Vomiting: Until the vomiting has stopped feed nothing to your pet. You can then slowly reintroduce water and then a bland diet. Moreover, If the vomiting contains blood or it is frequent, contact the veterinarian immediately.

4.)Choking: There is a quick need to rush to a vet if your pet becomes unconscious. Worthwhile travelling you can look for the object which might be making an obstruction. It can be the tongue of your pet or something else and if witnessed, try to remove it gently.

5.) Burns:

  • The primary goal is to reduce the burning sensation and this can be achieved by pouring the cold water on the affected area.
  • Afterwards, a pack of a cool compress must be implied for about 5 to 6 minutes.
  • The suitable ointments specially labelled for burn damage can be applied.

For more information:

Why Cats Make Wonderful Companions!

  • Cats tend to be clean animals
  • Cats are quiet! (most of the time….)
  • Cats are low maintenance
  • Cats do NOT need to be taken outside
  • Cats are super easy to potty train
  • Cats protect your home from pests
  • Cats cost less then dogs!
  • Cats can also be left alone longer then dogs can
  • Cats are really ideal for apartment pets
  • Cats are excellent companions

Still iffy on this subject and cannot make up your mind well this website goes into deep detail about each one of these components. Maybe this will help you make up your mind!

Cats can be cuddly and affectionate (PixaBay)