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A new app was just released that gives you money for exercising!

Exercising without reward? Take advantage of this opportunity: the new app called “Exercise Capitalist” gives you discounts for every workout that you do. You can use these discounts at a variety of stores, including Lululemon, Target, Urban Outfitters, Nike, Wholefoods, and more. 

“I love this app,” said Emily Tree, a frequent user of Exercise Capitalist. “I just went grocery shopping, and I saved $15 from using the discounts that I earned from Exercise Capitalist. This app is what motivates me to work out.”

The app also keeps track of your workouts for you through a GPS and a heart monitor rate, so all you have to do is keep jogging and watch the points roll in.  “Exercise capitalist saves me so much time because it keeps track of my workouts for me,” says John Smith, owner of Planet Fitness. “When switching back and forth between cardio, free weights, and deadlifts, I don’t have to write down what exercises I completed. I look forward to checking my phone after every workout session to see the progress that I’ve made, and all the discounts that I’ve earned.”

Exercise Capitalist enhances your bank account, health, and quality of life. By joining today, you will be rewarded a discount for a store of your choice listed on the app.

For further information:

11 Hills Beach Road

Biddeford, ME 04005


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Journal #26:

After completing our group news release for Exercise Capitalist, there many things that I have learned not only about the topic itself but also in terms of group work. My group and I have been working on this project for a couple weeks now, so I have learned alot about how to work in a group in a professional environment.  I’ve worked in groups many times but I dont think Ive been working in a team for a longer period of time. This allowed all our voices and ideas to be heard from one another, which really led to some good collaboration on our product. It was really helpful for my group and I to be able to do the dry run and receive feedback. It allowed us to see some imperfection within our design that we didn’t see before. I’ve never completed a news release before and I don’t think my group has either, so it was a new genre of writing that we experienced. It was interesting to create though because it made us feel as though our product was validated or even that we are headed in the right direction. It was really cool to see where our product started from to where it led to and In my opinion you can see the progress pretty clearly!

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