Cover Letter

Cameron Capachietti

*** Stone St.

Beverly MA, 01915



Rarebreed Veterinary Partners, Inc.

Part-Time Veterinary Technician

Portland, ME 04101

Dear Rarebreed Veterinary Partners Inc. ,

Your Firm’s advertisement for a Part-Time Veterinary Technician, found on Indeed, caught my attention. I believe that with my work experience as well as my skill set I’d make a good candidate for this position.

I have worked with animals most of my life and have developed a strong passion for the care and perseverance of all animals. I have worked with many animals from exotic birds, reptiles, rodents, dogs and cats, and many more throughout the years. Through my experience I have obtained knowledge about medical practices with animals as well as animal husbandry and have dedicated my life to fulfilling the needs of animals.

Enclosed is a copy of my resume that details my academic qualifications and practical experience gained through University of New England and Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical High School. I have a firm foundation in many skills such as great communication skills with clients, time management, and good computer skills and many other qualifications which I believe would play a great deal in helping out. Through my experiences , I’ve come across many things, but the most important part that stuck with me is the ability to watch not only the animal’s health benefit but also the relationship between the owner and the animals grow as well.

Thank you for taking time to acknowledge my application. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how my education, practical skills, and background would qualify me to become an employee at Rarebreed Veterinary Partners, Inc.

Please feel free to contact me to set up a time for an interview or whatever is needed, attached is my resume. 

I look forward to hearing from you.


Cameron Capachietti

Journal #11:

After completing the Cover Letter processes , I can confidently say that I have obtained many new skills as well as knowledge when it comes to writing in the professional scene. I believe I have gained a lot of insight about what exactly a cover letter should be and look like. In high school we vaguely learned about and wrote cover letters as well as resumes, but it was never what we actually needed to know when it came to the real world. We were given pre written cover letters and I remember filling in random spots that would apply to me. So coming into this process I knew some but very little. On the other hand, another insight I think I obtained from this process was the ability to present myself on paper, and not just who I was because that’s not really what matters, but in a way that presented my skill sets and experience that was aimed more towards the employer.

Now looking at my work after learning and using the knowledge I obtained, I think that my professional writing skills portray more to the employer rather than myself. In other words, my core understanding and skills in regards to cover letters were able to be transferred into a solid cover letter that I may be able to use in the future. Professor Miller told us that once you have a strong base cover letter format you will be able to use it in your future career, just tweaking and adding things in that appeal to the current employer. I believe this was one of the most important things I got to take away from this whole process. Overall, the main thing is to follow certain elements, and take your time writing your cover letter because we all know that it only takes one tiny thing to set off a potential employer, you want to stand out from the rest.