Tom Jenks (Response)

Throughout my life revision has been an important part of my writing. I believe it is the most important key on having your writing become more evolved and efficient then before. In reality revision is like the cherry on the ice cream or the “finishing touch” before putting it out. One of the more important time that I needed revision to be part of my writing process was for my College admission essays. This experience was both negative and positive because at first I didn’t really know how to revise correctly so I got stuck and confused a lot. Once I learned how to correctly revise during this process it made things so much easier, as well as making my writing the product I felt good to submit. The positive side of this story was that I’ve learned how to revise efficiently and provide my best work. After reading Jenks passage he provided me with some new insights on how I can improve my revision for the future. An interesting statement that I thought was very important was when Jenks said “The strength and worth of a work depend on deliberate artistry as much as, if not more than, the writer’s talent, desire, and inspirations”. Another thing that Id like to point out from the writing that will help me is that through revision new ideas and concepts for a deeper meaning in my writing could come to me if the revision process is focused on as well.

“Literary art is neither all conscious nor all unconscious…”- Tom Jenks