Learning Outcome #6

Outcome 6:  Control sentence-level error (grammar, punctuation, spelling)

Writing to me is a form of words being put into a structure a certain way that it makes the words flow. In my opinion, grammar, punctuation, and spelling is the hardest part of any essay you will ever write. For reasons such as if these skills aren’t used correctly it can make your words and sentences sound choppy, un-professional, and childish. When it comes to my writing career this is something I’ve struggled with hard, spelling and grammar has never been my strong suit, and in all honesty I still think I rely on grammar and spell correct to fix my mistakes. I have grown throughout this year in English 110 when it comes to sentence level error because I have taken more time to think over what I’m writing and allow the correct usage of grammar and spelling. The one grammatical error I seem to always misuse is commas, and I believe I’ve learned how to correctly structure them into sentences allowing my words to flow nicely.  In my third essay, I believe it used commas to the best of my ability as seen in Figure 1. While going through the work that we did throughout the year I found a poem that demonstrated very unique and cool ways to use grammar, commas, and punctuation in their poem. I thought this was really interesting so in my third essay I incorporated a segment from the poem to show the structure and meaning of it, as seen in Figure 2.

FIGURE 1: ” History put into Perspective”
FIGURE 2: “History put into Perspective”

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