Which Musical Instrument Are You? #tdc3420

The reason why I would say I am an electric guitar would be what the guitar stands for itself. Electric guitars are known to symbolize power and passionate love, as we can see in many legendary bands such The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and even The Beach Boys. Guitars are more than just an instrument they stand for something greater. We know that guitars can be played by their lonesome but when put together in a band or even a concert it shows unity and connections.

Growing up I taught myself how to play electric guitar as well as the piano but personally I felt more of a connection with the ability to feel the strings. The feeling of hearing the notes slide of the guitar strings allows for that personal connection that I found. I also believe I would be an electric guitar because they are so versatile, and I see myself having that skill set.

Electric guitar isn’t just an instrument, it’s a lifestyle!