Functional Resume (Draft):

Chronological Resume (Draft):

Final Revised Resume (Combined Functional/Chronological):

Reflection on Workshop (From Journal #14):

As I start revising my resume , the things I plan on focusing on are things such as maybe picking and choosing the small things from highschool that are very relevant such as my Cosmetology License, rather than the part of starting a leadership team. Another thing I plan on focusing on is smaller technical things such as putting my experiences in order from most recent to older, this is because a potential employer wants to see newer things rather than older, unless it’s of utmost importance to the job description.

When it came to peer reviewing I think the most effective thing for me as a writer and a peer reviewer, is the ability to listen to what others have to say. There’s always going to be things your mind will miss in your writing whether it is grammatical errors or or jumbled up words, that when peer review comes in because it gives your writing a chance to be seen by new eyes and different opinions. The ability for you as well as other peer reviewers to actually take a second and look at work and really dissect it is what is most efficient because it gives you the best feedback possible, for you or them to fix in the end.

Reflection on the Process (From Journal #15):

After the process of peer reviewing and completing a final draft of this resume, I can say I have learned alot coming from what I knew about the process before. I didn’t know much about resumes because my high school wasn’t too big on making sure we knew the full spectrum of a resume, but now I have learned that formatting is huge down to even where something is on the page. I knew these things were important, I just didn’t know the severity of the case. Something I took away from this process is that taking you time on things like this really benefits you in the end, you want to stand out from the rest, and some employers will see the little things you put here and there if it is of use to them. 

Through class discussions I thought it was super interesting to think about what really needs to belong in a resume and what you can just get rid of. I believe that the most difficult part of creating a resume is having to sort through details that you might think applies to the employer or even sift through information that might not be needed. Overall, I thought the process of peer reviewing was strong because I got to see through another person’s perspective on my resume, and the feedback was also very helpful in terms of fixing the little problems that my eyes didn’t catch up on right away.