DS106 What They Might Have Done On Social Media

Theres nothing wrong with a little Picasso!

So, this assignment was kind of a struggle for me. I had NO idea which historical figure to go with, but I didn’t want to do what most of the examples showed. Like Abe Lincon, blah blah blah, we’ve heard it all. I sat and thought fro a while who would actually enjoy using facebook, and you know a crazy artist like Picasso fit perfectly!

Facebook is a creative outlet… well atleast it can be. the “most influential artist of the 20th century” himself would have a field day in my opinion. He’s smart so I feel as if though he’d have the media site wrapped around his fingers. As we all know most artist start off broke till they get somewhere. So, I feel like he’d sell his paintings online to the “new generation”. I feel as though he was a serious man but I think he had his comments with stupid remarks, and I feel like he would take advantage of that on social media.

Maybe one day someone might impersonate him on Facebook and we can get the real deal going?!