Connecting People and Nature #7

A Little About Me:)

So, I’m just now realizing that I’m pretty far along in my blog and I have yet to tell you who I am and what my story is. You definitely have thought to yourself ” oh who is this man and why should I listen to his animal advice when I don’t even know him?”. Well heres your answer!

Where to start… Well you guys already know my names is Cameron Capachietti and that I’m a through and through animal lover but heres a little more about my story!

I grew up on a farm with my parents and grandparents and honestly that was where my love for animals started. Having to get up early in the morning to go out in blazing sun or even frigid temperatures to go take care of our animals, our family. That might sounds like the worst thing in the world to most people but it made me feel like I had a purpose in the household and thats how I was going back to my family. We mostly had horses and cows and a few goats, nothing to exciting. I had a horse her name was dove she was a wild mustang that we rescued, she wasn’t the worlds greatest behaving horse but I didn’t care she was mine.

Then moving up a couple years I went to a Agriculture and Technical High school where I studies Veterinary Science onto of my academics! It was an awesome opritunity to turn my bad learning habits into hands on productive works on my off academic days. I got to take care and nature around 600 animals ranging from farm animals, reptiles, rodents, and exotic birds. I even went as far to work for the school on the weekends taking care of all our babies while no one was there! I think this is where I gained most of my knowledge about animals that I have today. I got so much experience with such a variety of species of animals. I built bonds, held their hands turning their last breathes, and even welcomed new babies into the world. I got to experience it all. As my High school years went on my passion for animals only grew from there.

Today, I am a junior in college studying animal behavior with minors in writing and health and policy law. These are for when I decide to go to law school for animals rights/ environmental conservation law. Ive taken many classes on all the subjects you can think about pertaining animals. Now, Im not saying that I know everything but I do take pride in all that I have learned. Im currently working in a veterinary pet hospital working as a VA (veterinary assistant), helping out the licensed veterinarians during surgery and anything else they need. They teach me so much ! With this I hope to expand my knowledge to be able to hopefully open up my own animal sanctuary one day!