DS106 Selfie With my Pets

Sadly, I wasn’t able to take pictures with my pets because I currently am out of town and not with them. I was really excited to do this assignment because I am a very big animal lover, Ive owned and worked with so my different species!

On that note, these are the animals that I have currently. On the left, is my boxer Cassius. We named him Cassius because his breed is a boxer, and the famous boxer Muhammad Ali’s real name is Cassius Clay. My Mom named him that because my grandfather was a professional boxer and was friends with Ali! He’s now 9 years old so his sort of an old man but he’s still living his best life.

In the middle, is my more exotic pet Saphire. She is a large 14 foot reticulated python. Most people don’t like her because she’s a snake, but my whole life Ive always been mesmerized by snakes. I even went as far as breeding expensive snakes for a while, thats how I obtained her. Since she is so big I don’t keep her in my house she stays with an Exotic pet sanctuary. She is used to bring to many places to teach others about snakes and even brought to schools so young kids to learn about animals. I visit her often since she can’t stay with me but she’s always happy and friendly.

On the right, is me girl Luna. She is a chameleon. I don’t have much of a story with her but she was definitely a last minute decision. I went to an exotic reptile show in Boston last year, keep in mind I was set on NOT allowing my self to get an animal while I was there. As we can see that went well, I couldn’t help my self I fell in love. She is a very outgoing pet she loves going outside as well as rummaging through my room high up on things. I was very surprised because she has such a big personality and loves to be held. One of my favorite things about her is that she LOVES TV, she will sit on my shoulder for a couples hours and watch my favorite shows with me!

I know people will look at this and be like mmm these are an interesting combo. The reason I call it my little zoo is because over the years Ive had so many animals ranging from so many species. Ive had bunnies, many different species of lizards and snakes, dogs, cats, a bird, and even a horse!