DS106 Guinness Book Of World Records (Remix)

This assignment was right up my alley. I have spent a lot of times reading through the Guinness World Record Books as a kid. It was something that would entertain me for hours. Forget it when the new book came out because it was a new year, it always HAD to have it. This assignment brought back to so many memories. I remember every year in elementary school they would have a book fair and they would sell the new Guinness World Record book every year. It was always front and center. I would wait weeks in advance to collect as much money as I possibly could so I was able to buy these books at school.

Of course as a kid I wanted to break a record of some sort, I did not care what it was I just wanted to be in the book. Obviously, most of the time the records If think Id break were way impossible for my 7 year old self. I chose to do this assignment on me winning being able to hold my breathe for the longest underwater. I would spend hours in my pool in the backyard in competition with my brother seeing who can last the longest underwater. We always thought it was so long but in reality it was probably around 20 seconds at MOST.

Well look no further, Cam Capa grew up and grew some iron lungs while doing so. His life long dream of getting his name in one of the most well known books finally came true.